Protect the Vote

Racial, Partisan, and Judicial Gerrymandering. Stay informed.

Over the past year, three separate cases regarding gerrymandering in North Carolina have been making their way through the courts. Racial, Partisan, and Judicial.

LGBTQ Justice

The LGBTQ Committee is excited about the resources and updates this site will provide for LGBTQ members of the NC NAACP and our allies. The site is under construction. Please come back soon. We will be launching very soon!

Check out this collection of resources to help you support LGBTQ folk in your community

Criminal Justice

Abolish the Racially-Biased Death Penalty and Mandatory Sentencing Laws; Reform our Prisons.


  • Reject efforts to repeal the Racial Justice
  • Pass legislation that would ban executions of persons with severe mental disabilities as a precursor to repealing the death penalty in its entirety
  • Enact the reform recommendations of the N.C. Sentencing Commission
  • Fund alternative sentencing programs
  • Dramatically expand services to prisoners re-entering society
  • Enact a moratorium on the construction of new prisons
  • Raise the age for adult prosecution from age 16 to age 18
  • Establish a joint NAACP/Department of Correction program to promote literacy, strengthen ties between inmates and their families and communities, and aid the re-entry process
Immigration Justice

Immigrant Justice – Stop Unjust Deportations

The Immigrant Justice Committee of the State Conference has provided key support to three deportation cases in late 2016 and early 2017—Yosselin Herrera of Siler City, Felipe Molina of Durham, and Lilian Cardona-Perez of Lillington. The support provided came in the form of organizing news conference and vigils, passing local NAACP resolutions against their deportations and working with City Councils to do the same, and mobilizing people to attend deportation hearings in Charlotte. Currently, the Committee is focusing on organizing a conference to bring together immigrant justice coalition partners and attorneys to

Women's Rights
Women’s Rights issues are especially important to NAACP NC. Stay tuned for more information!

While we are building out this issue on the website, you'll be able to find some great information at The Public School Forum. Here is a taste.

Economic Stability

North Carolina’s minimum wage is $7.25 an hour—an amount which, translated to a full year of work ($15,080), would only net 129% of the federal poverty line for an individual. However, if that individual were the sole earner for a family of two, then that family would be living below the federal poverty line. What impacts might the proposed federal minimum wage policy have on low-wage work in North Carolina? To answer that question we examined how many workers and households would be affected by a minimum wage increase to $10.10 per hour—as has been proposed in Congress.


Healthcare is a human right for all citizens. It should be the right of all Americans to have access to affordable care regardless of health, age, or financial status.

We took a large step forward with the Affordable Care Act, and yet, the GOP continues to wage war on the ACA and shows no sign of stopping. We must fight back.

Healthcare should be a right, not just for the healthy, young, and wealthy, but for all. It is unconscionable that the U.S. is among the richest nations in the world and yet, we still have citizens facing living without proper, affordable care. We must continue to make it clear to our legislators that we aren’t going to stop demanding health care for all.

A bill introduced in September 2017 to repeal the ACA did not get passed before the end of the session.